We are currently living in the midst of the sixth mass extinction, with species disappearing from the world hundreds or even thousands of times faster than would occur without human impact. When a species goes extinct, it can never be brought back. This loss of biodiversity, or ecological crisis, is a problem that is even more significant and long-lasting for the future of our planet than climate change or any of humanity’s other crises.

Collectively, we are searching for solutions to halt the loss of biodiversity. While we articulate difficult questions related to this issue, we are also working to understand why humanity has not yet been able to solve them. We are bold in describing a world in which, based on current scientific knowledge, humans and other living things could coexist without one having to unduly suffer.


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Interview. Panu Halme in Yhdenpallonvisiot – interview, 8.4.2021

How do we collectively nurture biodiversity?

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