We are Untame, a collective based in Finland focusing on paradigm shifts. We are engaged scholars, thinkers and doers.


Untame is a collective of researchers and thinkers that promotes a paradigm shift through research and societal discussion. We bring to light the root causes of the ecological crisis and encourage action based on this understanding. We support a paradigm shift that strengthens communities’ ability to adapt and the actions of change-makers both within and outside academia. We challenge conventional ways of thinking and acting, and we deconstruct unchallenged truths in the era of the ecological crisis.

In our work, theory and practice are not separate; we examine changes in thinking while simultaneously making and living those changes in our own actions. Making change is an ongoing process. The Untame research laboratory provides a platform for change-makers to collaborate in diverse ways. We connect researchers, thinkers, and knowledge producers who are focused on a paradigm shift, facilitate open dialogue, and support self-organization.


Untame (untamed, not tame, wild) originated from the collaboration of Galina and Eva, driven by the need to investigate and promote a paradigm shift towards work and livelihoods that enable meaningful, ecologically sustainable, and supportive of local communities’ well-being. We also wanted to create ways to conduct research together and examine the types and ways of producing knowledge during the ecological crisis.

Therefore, we established an interdisciplinary research laboratory composed of researchers, thinkers, artists, influencers, activists, and change-makers interested in exploring the root causes of the ecological crisis and a paradigm shift.

On social media, we use the name untamelab. Lab is a common abbreviation for “laboratory,” which comes from the Latin word “laborare” (to labor). More broadly, we refer to a laboratory as a place that provides opportunities for experimentation, observation, and research. Our backgrounds are in business, organizational studies, diversity studies, nature conservation science, and philosophy.


Photo: Amparo España

Eeva Houtbeckers, founder

Photo: Kalle Kallio

Galina Kallio,

untame x friends

Timo Järvensivu

Emilia Linnekoski,
trainee (spring ’23)

Kuva: Vilja Pursiainen

Panu Halme

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