economy, work & livelihood

Photo: Risto Musta

Economy, work, and livelihood are more diverse than we are used to thinking.

Economy and livelihood are diverse, and some work is invisible. However, the economy is usually talked about as a separate area of activity, subject to its own laws. The economy is described through generalizing terms and simplified models detached from their context. The economy’s connection to the material reality and the well-being of local ecosystems is overlooked in mainstream discussions, concepts, and frameworks. Additionally, discussions about the economy often disregard human experience and non-human agency.


Kallio, Galina & Houtbeckers, Eeva (2021): Diverse Economy as a Concept and Activity -video (6.4.2021)

Kallio, Galina (2020): A carrot isn’t a carrot isn’t a carrot: tracing value in alternative practices of food exchange. Agriculture and Human Values, Vol. 37, 1095–1109


Conference. Untame organized a workshop titled Exploring the intersections of economic practices and other-than-humans, Liviana2020conference, 9.11.2020

Lecture. Eeva lecturing on Sustainability Theories – course about feminist theories 2020 ja 2021.

Lecture. Galina lecturing at the event “New Winds of Business Studies” with the title “New Economy – What Can Land Teach Us About Economy?” (starting from 1:30).

What kind of economy, work, or livelihood do you want to promote?

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